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Get Asian desserts for your next meal from Taste of Home. Taste of Home has Asian dessert recipes including Asian cookies, Asian pies, and more Asian .Easy Asian Desserts. Chinese Egg Cake. Classic, old style Chinese Egg Cake is always a favorite. Rice Cooker Cake. Yes, you read that correctly, you cook this cake in your rice cooker! Strawberry Mochi Dessert. This dessert is perfect for health conscious foo.s. Thai Fried Bananas. Chinese Buffet Style Donuts. Thai .You won t find any chocolate cakes or strawberry cheesecakes in this list of desserts. Take a peek at these exotic treats that millions of people .Video cannot be played. Vietnamese Coffee Ice Cream. Thai Black Sticky Rice Pudding with Coconut Cream. Thai Steamed Coconut Pandan Cake Khanom Chan Shibuya Honey Toast. Rice Cakes Stuffed with Coconut and Brown Sugar Yi Bua Pineapple Tea Cookies. Korean Rice Cake. Hiroko Shimbos Uguisi Mochi..