Asian Ramen Recipes

Ingre.nts large eggs. tablespoon olive oil. cloves garlic, minced. tablespoon freshly grated ginger. cups reduced sodium chicken broth. ounces shiitake mushrooms. tablespoon reduced sodium soy sauce. . ounce packages refrigerated Yaki Soba, seasoning sauce packets discarded*.Instructions. Heat sesame oil and olive oil in a medium large saucepan over moderate see notes . Add the carrots and mushrooms if you re using them, and simmer until they soften, about a minute, stirring frequently. Add the broth, Sriracha sauce, rice vinegar if using , and soy sauce..If thinking about ramen summons images of styrofoam cups and seasoning Japanese or Thai food, thanks to this amazing Asian fusion dish..The bouncy ramen noodles gained popularity in the s as Chinese immigrants began cooking in soba shops. The blending of Chinese .